I Think She's Even More Beautiful: Barbie Without Makeup

April 5, 2013


This is what Barbie would look like without makeup (plus braces) as imagined by artist Eddi Aguirre. Pretty much exactly like an anti-meth PSA. Personally, I think she looks great both ways. And I'm not just saying that to sound like a man who can always see the inner beauty in a woman, but I 100% am and even dated a girl with a wandering eye in high school. It was weird whenever we'd kiss because I always felt like she was imagining kissing whoever was standing behind me. Eventually we went our separate ways though and she started dating the class president and I started dating a girl with a tail. Or was was it the one with webbed fingers? Ah, young love.

Hit the jump for a closeup in case you need that which nobody does.


Thanks to lily, who only buys makeup not tested on animals because most animals don't even like wearing makeup.

  • melania

    barbie without makeup just turned chinese. my whole life is a lie'-'

  • fake.. artist added bags under cheeks and smile wrinkles.. this isnt just how she would look without makeup. artist is probably an old fug, mad at young women. otherwise she would have shown barbie as a youthful barbie, without the bags etc. barbie hater.

  • J A Z Z I C A

    obviously it's fake, barbie isn't even real! haha

  • Octomom is a whore . . . . .

  • Rick Thomas

    females have been using makeup since the stone age (granted it was mud or warpaint), we shouldn't make society feel bad about it now.

  • Medusa

    Except that's not true.

  • Guest

    Only layers and layers of makeup can cover that mess.

  • Jadis

    I think maybe this artist is giving make-up too much credit.

  • Gustavo

    Not only she's not wearing make-up, she's also never even used a toothbrush.

  • n_a_a_s

    meth barbie

  • hippidy

    She must have bloody good makeup to cover up braces!

  • Teresa Phillip

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  • Tyler AitchKay

    Well I mean if it's OBAMA's new projects, then I don't see anything fishy abotu this post!

  • Miguel Spain

    But she wouldn't have been like this if she hadn't started putting on make up at such an early age.
    But again I can't blame her because her parents were abusive and the only love she got was from young Ken, and she felt like she had to impress him, and the only way she knew was to dress up and put on makeup now.
    Unfortunately now that her skin is in the condition, any time she has it off she will be stalked by a raving paparazzi, and put in endless checkout magazines, and laughed at for the rest of her life. This leading to her eventual cocaine addiction and later admittance to a mental ward.
    What a tragic story for a girls doll ....

  • Tyler AitchKay

    take that, disgusting patriarchal misogynists! Little girls and boys should be playing with entirely gender neutral toys of our choosing!

  • Anodos

    I know, right? Why should my daughter do anything useful? She just needs to miniskirts and then people will GIVE her money!

  • Tyler AitchKay

    If you really believe that your daughter playing with barbies will make her grow up to not "do anything useful" and she will instead opt to wear miniskirts in order to seduce men into buying things for her, AND you also believe that this is how the world works, then your brain is as nonexistent as Ken & Barbie's genitalia.

  • Anodos

    If you REALLY believe makeup makes you smarter and that dancing on youtube makes you a smarter then a scientist because "god said so", i have no idea how you are so stupid. You really believe these things? What is wrong with you? How do you even breathe?

  • Tyler AitchKay

    I'm just going to let this response hang so everyone can see how dumb you are. Nice talking to you.

    Sorry for wasting your comment-reading time with this nonsense, Geekologie readers.

  • Anodos

    Perhaps you should reread the conversation lol

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