I Like To Feel Sexy Too You Know: Lingerie For Dudes

April 24, 2013


And it's perfect for gaming!

Homme Mystere (literally 'mystery man' and not 'mysterious homo' like you imagined) is a line of lingerie designed specifically for dudes. Because, you know, sometimes a man likes to feel sexy too. Why should women get all the lace and frills and men be left with nothing but unadorned banana hammocks? It isn't fair. Sure you could just wear your girlfriend's intimates, but then she'll yell at you for stretching them out. Jesus, I just wanted to see what my ass looked like in a thong. I'll take you to Victoria's Secret and get you some more. Actually, how about we order online? And I'm not just saying that because I've been banned from the Victoria's secret at the mall for posing as a personal shopper, but come on, I know what looks good on a woman.

Hit the jump for several different shots of different styles but WARNING: prominent bulges in the last two pics. LADY PROTIP: Lower your monitor resolution to make them even bigger.






Thanks to PYY, who agrees surprising your girlfriend wearing a lace teddy can go either way (although definitely easier towards uncontrollable laughter).

  • Dragen Saint

    I have been on tumblr so much that many things that would make the strongest people fall dead from reading, but never have I blushed at those things. This made me blush. You should be proud of what you did.

  • Massage Diva

    I went to their website and checked out their C-strings. My eyes are burning

  • Lingerie has always been stereotype to be women clothing. But quite contrary to popular belief, there is actually a big percentage of (straight) men that prefer silks, laces and stuff for their underwear. They say that these kind of undies feel good to the skin in contrast with the rougher materials used in the traditional boxers and briefs. Have you looked at Vmystique.com yet? It's a new site many people don't know about specializing in men's underwear. With its wide selection, any man is guaranteed to find the perfect sexy, comfortable and stylish underwear for them to use.

  • lol those Lingerie fits nice to that man

  • Is there really that big a market for these?

  • Nope.

  • Exophrine

    Yet another entrepreneur who doesn't know when to stop laughing at a joke...fast forward 6 months already, when this venture tanks and they lose their money.

  • PopeZetaJones

    I want that last one in every color..

  • Melissa Clair

    How could sex be possible without taking it off?

  • bob

    You had it right the first time, GW. Mysterious Homo.

  • BMan56

    *Man and woman pictured are just friends. Pillow fight you big silly!

  • Billy Rocka

    He wouldn't be sitting next to a woman wearing one of those.

  • Richard

    Thaaaaaaat's just cross dressing. Not "men's lingerie."

  • I don't know...

    Crossdressing is wearing women's clothing, these clothes are specifically designed for a mans body, and as such, are men's clothing.

  • Idlethoughts

    I always found it weird how women can wear next to anything now without it being considered crossdressing. I never really had any desire to wear "girl" clothing but the social convention still seems oddly one sided.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    In my internet life, I have seen things. Horrible, ghastly, heart-wrenching things that haunt my sleeping eyes night after night. But I have never been rendered speechless before. This is a new feeling of confusion that I have never experienced. I am simply at a loss. Bravo, Geekologie. You have won.

  • JimmyThr

    You're just a pussy man, that's all

  • GreyGanado

    What kind of internet have you been using?

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    We do not speak its name!

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