I Like To Feel Sexy Too You Know: Lingerie For Dudes

April 24, 2013


And it's perfect for gaming!

Homme Mystere (literally 'mystery man' and not 'mysterious homo' like you imagined) is a line of lingerie designed specifically for dudes. Because, you know, sometimes a man likes to feel sexy too. Why should women get all the lace and frills and men be left with nothing but unadorned banana hammocks? It isn't fair. Sure you could just wear your girlfriend's intimates, but then she'll yell at you for stretching them out. Jesus, I just wanted to see what my ass looked like in a thong. I'll take you to Victoria's Secret and get you some more. Actually, how about we order online? And I'm not just saying that because I've been banned from the Victoria's secret at the mall for posing as a personal shopper, but come on, I know what looks good on a woman.

Hit the jump for several different shots of different styles but WARNING: prominent bulges in the last two pics. LADY PROTIP: Lower your monitor resolution to make them even bigger.






Thanks to PYY, who agrees surprising your girlfriend wearing a lace teddy can go either way (although definitely easier towards uncontrollable laughter).

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