I Like That: Trumpet iPhone Speaker Amplifier

April 22, 2013


This is the 'Cobra' iPhone 4 and 5 speaker booster made by Vinnie Veen (although it may be a take on the trumpet iPhone speakers made by Christopher Lock of HeartlessMachine. I don't know -- sometimes people come up with the same idea without it necessarily being ripped off. Hell, last year I was convinced I invented squircles). It's made out of brass instrument parts and is cool looking and I want one. If you're interested, you can contact Vinnie or Chris yourself about having one made. Alternatively, you could buy a trumpet, hack it apart, weld it back together in a configuration similar to this one, realize what a f***ing horrible job you did, then contact Vinnie or Chris about having one made.

Hit the jump for two videos of the amplifier in action.

Thanks to c-nasty, who agree everything sounds better through brass. Except the grating voice of an ex-girlfriend. That doesn't sound good through anything.

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