I Like That: Superheroes Stylized As Native American Art

April 17, 2013


This is a series of superhero art by Native American artist Jeffrey Veregge. I'm really digging them. It's always amazed me how some Native American tribes could make it rain just by doing a special dance. Because the only other time I've seen that happen is at the nudie bar. This one girl was dancing so good some high-roller made it rain singles. Then I made it hail quarters and was forcibly removed from the premises which I'm not supposed to be talking about because of the lawsuit. Forget you read this.

Hit the jump for a bunch more including Hellboy, Spider Man, Superman and Optimus Prime even though he isn't a superhero he thinks of himself as a superhero and who am I to argue with 4-ton talking truck?









Thanks to adryisgreat and the other person who sent me this whose email I couldn't find again, one of which is probably pretty disappointed right now. Actually they probably both are.

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