I Don't Even Have A Bike And I Want One: The Predator Motorcycle Helmet

April 19, 2013


This is the Predator inspired motorcycle helmet from NLO MOTO. It costs $780. Now I know that may seem like a lot, but that's only because it is. My head isn't worth a quarter of that.

It's built on an actual motorcycle helmet so it's properly safety rated, but has been enhanced with a sculpted outer shell, a dreadlocks mullet, and even a tri-laser scope.

Optional add-ons include a carbon fiber outer shell, tiny metal spears on the ends of the dreadlocks, and even a hyper-realistic airbrushed finish.

Hey what are the dreads on a predator anyways? Is that just their hair? They don't have sex with them like those cats in Avatar right? I had to cover my eyes watching that smut.

Thanks to Brion, who agrees the coolest helmets are the ones worn by people being shot out of cannons.

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