Guys Turn Aging Subaru Into Aging Jurassic Park Subaru

April 16, 2013


This is the 33-year old Subaru that two friends decided to jazz up with a Jurassic Park paint job, making it infinitely cooler than it was and something I would be proud to ride around shotgun in. I'd never drive it myself though, but only because I lost my license and OBEY THE LAW. I actually would drive it though, I only said that because my parole officer sometimes looks at Geekologie to make sure I'm not getting into any trouble but he hates reading and usually won't go past the first sentence or two. Really hoping he wasn't feeling particularly literary today.

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Thanks to my buddy Terry, who tries to front like he's a bigger dino fan than I am even though 120% of doctors would agree my fandom is so out of control it's entirely unhealthy and probably killing me.

  • Converting a 33 year old Subaru by painting it to Jurassic Park designs and shades was a very challenging job these youngsters have accomplished, The only hitch was that the person who really did the major part of the work could not drive it because he had lost or misplaced his license, and being on parole, he did not want to take a risk with his parole officer..

  • Yes I g h

  • Ryan Frost

    But does it have "An interactive CD ROM!!!?"

  • Terry_Jim

    Neat! I'm inspired.
    Definitely going to get a 1975 Gran Torino and give it that Jurassic Park treatment,
    as soon as I finish the Starsky and Hutch "striped tomato" paint job on my 1993 Explorer ... Zebra 3 , out.

  • Terry_Jim

    Nice! You got the wheels the right color on yours, too!

  • Sure did and thanks

  • Guest

    Your point on proper grammar is accurate, but I agree with Andrew. 'Kthxbai' could be the douchiest, most annoying thing one could write on the internet. I fully understand that 'douchiest' isn't a real word.

  • AnonymousBeef

    Geekologie, I have beef. I am so SICK of every other post on this site being 'here's a regular item with a stereotypically 'nerdy' theme added on to the regular item.' Jurassic park car, dr who cake, ninja turtle whatevers. This isn't interesting. You have plenty of interesting articles and shared viral videos, but just because you put 'dr who' on the name of the thing, doesn't mean I want to read about that bullshit. Please, enough of these stupid posts. Back to the actual quality posts, please. Am I the only one who....!

  • Guest

    Dear GW: the plural of "doctor" is "doctors." "Doctor's" indicates possession. Kthxbai.

  • Michael, I believe it's ok, thank you, goodbye. Kthxbai isn't even a word in Klingon.

  • Closet Nerd

    Dear Michale W,

    ....just sayin

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