Guy Makes Custom 'Fallout' Board Game For Wife

April 16, 2013


This is the custom Fallout board game that Redditor XsimonbelmontX (of Castlevania fame?!) spent eight months making for his wife's birthday. Despite the board's resemblance to Monopoly, he says the only similarity in gameplay is the ability to buy property. Everything else is different. That's cool, I remember in eighth grade I was in an advanced learning class and we had to split into groups and create our own board games. Except technically I wasn't really IN the class, just watching from a window because the gifted kid classroom was connected to special ed.

Hit the jump for a bunch of shots of all the different cards and caps and pieces I just wanna put in my mouth.










Thanks to carey, who refuses to play board games with me anymore because they always end the same: flipping the table and calling someone else a cheater.

  • Jadis


  • Looks amazing, just waiting for the Bethesda lawsuit though.

  • Rick Nelson

    It's a gift for his wife, he's not selling it so nothing bethesda can do about it.

  • Way to take my comment way too seriously.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    His... "wife." Yes, of course.

  • Turbosloth

    Not surprising, I know a few ridiculously attractive ladies that are obsessed with fallout.

  • alextyler

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  • Guest
  • DKP

    best husband award goes to...

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