Guy In Wingsuit Flies Through Natural Stone Archway

April 18, 2013


This is a video of BASE jumper/wingsuit enthusiast/potential extreme sport accident victim Alexander Polli flying through a tiny stone archway in Montserrat, Spain. They're saying the arch is only six-feet wide, but it looks a little wider than that to me. Granted not wide enough for anybody to fly through without being arrested for self-endangerment, but I guess the police in Montserrat are pretty lax. I heard you can drink in the streets there. That said, I don't need to risk my life to get an adrenaline rush, I can get uncomfortably excited scratching lotto tickets.

Hit the jump for the video, but skip to 1:12 for the actual needle threading.

Thanks to me, for never giving up when life kicks me in the throat. Which it likes to do. A lot.

  • Larry Symms

    take a look at his profile on: under ACCIDENTS and INJURIES: COMING SOON! No kidding.

  • jodamiller

    Kudos on not dying.

  • quatro


  • Just stumbled upon a youtube video the other day of a guy trying this on a bridge, and he smacked into the bridge ad died. And this is a wayyyy smaller gap. Pretty crazy peoples.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I stumbled upon people at my local coffe shop, they were ridding metal and leather engines sitting on wheels which explodes internally called a motorcycle and make you go around really fast... I saw one being hit by another wheeled engine contraption called a truck.

    Apparently it's part of a thing called life where you need to take risk to get rewards, and if you're careful and you study what you need to do to make, it't safe is all worth the while!

  • Ram Ascencio

    That could have gone so very, very wrong.

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