'Girlfriend Coat' Gives The Squeezing Sensation Of A Hug

April 10, 2013


It's a real girl, it's a real girl, it's a real girl, it's a real girl.

Because sad and lonely is a very real thing, a group of Japanese students at University of Tsukuba have designed a 'Girlfriend Coat' (not a new concept btw) that gives the wearer the sensation of being hugged. From behind. Personally, I prefer my hugs from the front, but that's just me and I don't like friends' privates so close to my buttcheeks. This isn't Europe you know.

But that's not all. While the coat administers that warm hug, a set of headphones wired to the outfit coos phrases in a female voice, like "Sorry, I'm late."

It's called the Riajyuu Coat. According to the Daily Mail, Riajyuu means "someone who is pleased with their life in reality, outside of the world of the Internet," although any Japanese speakers out there: please feel free to pipe in with a better translation.

"The concept of this device is everyone can get the feeling of having a girlfriend," says co-inventor and hardware engineer Hikaru Sugira.

"If I have a girlfriend I think it is a good situation that she suddenly hugs me when I wait for her at the station," adds developer Maito Omari.

You know, it's like one of those things -- is it sadder to go through your day hugless, or to only get your hugs from a coat? Because a hugging girlfriend jacket sounds like a gateway drug to lovedolls if you ask me. It's a slippery slope -- just ask my roommate. I think he and his "girlfriends" have some sort of kinky tea party planned for tonight. NO NUDITY IN COMMON AREAS, DEREK.

Hit the jump for a video about the thing.

Thanks to Cassi, din and Remjob, who get their hugs the old fashioned way: setting up a 5¢ hugging booth at the county fair. GIVE YOU A DIME FOR A SMOOCH.

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