Game Of Thrones House Sigils Made With Pokemons

April 30, 2013


These are the series of Game of Thrones house sigils recreated with Pokemons by artist Cami Sanders. Now before any of you come at me arguing that Pokemons isn't the plural of Pokemon, I want you to take this into consideration: I don't care. I like saying Pokemons because it sounds fun and neither rain, hail nor gunfire is going to stop me. Okay, gunfire might stop me. My point is this: stop wasting your time arguing about things nobody cares about, it just makes you look petty. "Did you just...?" After-school special your ass? You're damn right I did. Hey -- and no bullying either. When you bully somebody you're not only hurting them, you're hurting yourself because you're going to grow up to be a real piece of shit.

Hit the jump for four more, and yes, I should have my own TV show called Protips.





Thanks to Sidney and PYY, who agree Geekologie's sigil animal would be whatever the animal with the biggest penis is and all the other houses would be so embarrassed of their inadequacy they would surrender their lands and bow before the flag of the whale pecker or whatever it is.

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