Game Of Thrones House Sigils For Popular Websites

April 1, 2013


This is a series of Game of Thrones house sigils created by illustrator H. Caldwell Tanner featuring famous websites and their imagined mottos. There's Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Netflix, Wikipedia, but sadly no Geekologie. Probably because Geekologie is nowhere near as popular as those sites. If this was a high school popularity contest, Geekologie would be somebody's middle-school aged sister. I might not be much to look at now -- but just wait till you see me in ten years. Meth.

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Thanks to The Entertainer, who included a little song and dance in his tip. That was nice.

  • Irene Tiger

    House Sodahead: (their sigil would be the three-eyed Sodahead guy) "The Proud, The Few, and the Rave"
    House TVTropes: (sworn to House Wikipedia) (their sigil would be a lampshade hanging) "We Will Ruin Your Life"

  • ashley k.

    game of thrones audio books free download at

  • Chris Bloomfield

    There's a Game of Thrones tune sung using the words "game of thrones". I'm sure I saw it on Geekologie ages ago. Can anyone help me find it? :)

  • tarotdona

    Am I the only one who noticed the deviantart dragon penis?

  • Proteon

    As a loyal member of House Reddit I have to say - GUARDS! SEIZE HIM!

  • Guest

    GOT/IPHONE 4 Parody here

  • Fercho Salinas

    Google House's symbol has a crown and a magnifying glass. We have a winner.

  • Crucial

    I'm actually impressed with the art - Wikipedia especially.

  • wobbles88

    No 4chan? GTFO

  • Same here, whereTF is the 4chan sigil!?

  • Zach V

    I don't know if I'd WANT to see 4chan's sigil.

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