Four-Year Old Gets AT-AT Walker Walker After Surgery

April 10, 2013


This is the AT-AT walker walker that Stephanie Kaloi's 4-year old son uses to get around while he recovers from surgery on both legs. When the lil tyke originally got the plain walker he pretended he was an AT-AT, so that's when his parents came up with the idea to make it an actual AT-AT. That's solid parenting right there (mine would have just told me to not need surgery in the first place).

Comic artist Ben Dewey volunteered his skills to translate the movie machine into a form that would fit on the walker. The walker now has AT-AT legs and a head and a control panel featuring the leader of the Imperial forces, Darth Vader himself.

Man, now I kinda wish both my legs were broken. Mostly so I'll have a legitimate excuse for not getting out of bed in the morning. Sponge bathe me? "No." SPONGE BATHE ME.





Thanks to go and Lizzy, who always zoom around in the electric carts at the grocery store. Mad jealous.

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