FIRE: Futurama's Bender Made Into Woodburning Stove

April 9, 2013


This is Futurama's Bender made into a woodburning stove by metalworker Rob Halftroll, who had a troll father and never heard the end of it on the school playground. I know that feel. You just toss some logs in, douse them with alcohol (Bender insists), add a flame, and WHOOSH -- your garage is on fire. PROTIP: Don't put it out and try to collect the insurance.

Hit the jump for a video of Bender burning, but check out Halftroll's blog for pictures of the whole build.


Thanks to nate and Cameron, who actually saw Bender at a bar once and tried to get their picture taken with him but he was trashed and tried to fight them.

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