Farmer Discovers The Rock He's Been Using As A Ham Press The Last 30 Years Is Actually A $5-Million Meteorite

April 1, 2013


Spanish farmer Faustino Asensio Lopez discovered an unusual 220-lb iron rock while inspecting his fields in 1980. So what did he do? What anybody else would, used it as a ham press to smash meat for the next 30 years. Space hams, bro.

Then in 2011 he saw a TV program about meteor showers in Spain, and wondered if his ham press might have actually come from space.

Now after extensive analysis by geologists, it has been determined that Lopez's ham press is actually a pre-historic metallic meteorite, with a value somewhere north of $5 million.

I wonder if Faustino was happy to discover he was rich, or pissed because he could have been rich 30 years ago. Because I would have been the latter. What can I say, I'm a half glass empty kind of guy. But to my credit, I am double-fisting.

Thanks to Mitch and Pau, who would have used it as a doorstop.

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