Family Tree: The Evolution Of Video Game Controllers

April 17, 2013


Note: Larger version HERE but you'll have to save the image to see it full-size because Geekologie is long, not wide. Unless wider is better in which case we're totally wide too.

This is the evolution of video game controllers designed as a poster for Pop Chart Labs (and different from this one they were selling prior). You can buy a 27" x 39" version yourself for the low, low sale price of $29. Or not, I'm not the one selling them. You know what I am selling though? Happiness. "Those are pills." I DISTILLED THEM FROM PURE HAWAIIAN SUNSHINE. "They look like Advil you licked the name off of." I'll give you two for $10.

Thanks to Patrick, who once tied his roommate to a Lay-Z-Boy using nothing but Nintendo controller cords THEN TICKLED HIM WITH THE ZAPPER.

  • bsmtproductions .

    OCD not approving. It's missing the Sony Pocketstation and the Trance Vibrator. Also needs the Steel Batallion controller (

  • Gary

    Its a shame i cant read a thing the chart has written on it.


    This ios wrong ... it shows tetris as the first video game controller, were i know for a fact that willams pong console was the first ... i still have one in the box! :)

  • Guest

    Awesome chart. All of these lines and controllers do kind of resemble the mess near my television stand. XD

  • Mighty Molecule

    you know you're old when your first controller is always the extreme early example of every one of these infographics....

  • Miguel Spain

    This missed all of the different joysticks from the 8 bit computers in the UK(I live in the US, but I watch Ashens and he did a video on the crap ones). Though if they put those in the image would be very wide and cluttered at the top.

  • BrandeX

    That's because this list is in fact: The evolution of CONSOLE video game controllers IN AMERICA.

  • bsmtproductions .

    Famcom controller... Japanese console jackass.

  • BrandeX

    Yes, nitiwit, there are a couple exceptions. It's nearly identical to the NES controller anyway.

  • bsmtproductions .

    Except you made a point of stating that this is, and I quote, "in fact: The evolution of CONSOLE video game controllers IN AMERICA."

  • Miguel Spain

    Where does it say that?

  • BrandeX

    In the pictures. There are almost no PC controllers or devices not available in North America.

  • bsmtproductions .

    Famcom, Pokemon Mini, Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color...

  • Miguel Spain

    Yeah, but they never specified that that is what this was.
    I think they should have included some as I think home computers like the ZX Spectrum, and the Commodore 64 were pretty important gaming wise.

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