Electric Guitars Made Out Of Star Wars Spaceship Toys

April 15, 2013


Tom Bingham makes custom electric guitars out of the Star Wars spaceship toys he buys at car boot (trunk) sales (aka stolen goods sales). That's cool, but not near as ICE COLD as the ice cream bar I'm eating right now. It's strawberry -- you jealous? No? What if I told you I was lying when I said it was strawberry and it's actually a chocolate Drumstick? Still no? Orange Flintstones push-up pop? Okay, what's your favorite ice cream? Because that's what it is, it's your favorite kind. I'm totally eating your favorite kind of ice cream right now and you are not.

Hit the jump for a video of Tom playing the Millennium Falcon.


Thanks to lilco, who once rocked out so hard the entire audience caught fire and nobody complained.

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