Drink Like A Warrior: Leather & Chainmail Beer Koozie

April 2, 2013


This is the leather and chainmail beer koozie crafted by DeviantARTist DougFungus. It's perfect for when you're at a party and somebody asks which beer is yours so you can say, "Take a guess -- but keep in mind I'm dressed like a knight, so that's a hint." Then, under your breath, "Dumbass." I actually went to a party over the weekend except nope, no I didn't, I was just trying to sound cool and holy shit that did not work out AT ALL.

Hit the jump for version 2.0 of the koozie.


Thanks to my buddy Terry, who is quite possibly the worst buddy a person could ask for. And to The Persistent Tallon, who tried to argue this koozie is a little TOO manly and clearly needs to sign up for my 'Being A Manly Man' series of seminars. *chops down tree with bare hand*

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