Disney Is Shutting Down LucasArts, Making Enemies (Me)

April 3, 2013


In heartbreaking news, Disney is shutting down video game developer/publisher LucasArts after its acquisition of it and LucasFilm last year. The company was known for some of the best graphic adventure games the world has even seen, including: Maniac Mansion, Loom, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, the entire series of Indiana Jones point-and-click adventures, and every Monkey Island, to name a few of my favorites. The company has also made virtually every Star Wars game to date, but has decided to cancel development of both Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars 1313 to focus on a business model that revolves primarily around licensing the rights for other companies to make Star Wars games instead of creating them in-house. Oh, I've got one -- it's called, 'Fly This X-Wing Straight Up Mickey's Ass'. It's rated T for Teen because it's really just a mix tape of me cussing. I may even release some DLC.

Thanks to Pyrblaze, Lisa, Skamodongo, Doombah and Mr. Q., two of which sound like rejected Super Mario enemies. Hopefully this thing turns out for the best.

Title pic via DeviantARTist NessD

  • Dakx877

    im just gonna bomb the disney for doing that!WHAT THE HELL WEAR THEY THINKING!!!!!FUCKING DISNEY!!!!

  • SackoFrito

    LucasArts hasn't made a decent game in 8-10 years. They should have been killed off a LONG time ago!

  • Toastrider

    Not only that, I've heard that LucasArts meddling was what gave Star Wars: Galaxies its infamous 'NGE' revamp... which completely destroyed the game.

    I just find all this angst over Disney putting a bullet in the vegetable's head to be mildly amusing. Besides, it's not like there's not gonna be any more SW games... LucasArts is just going to act as a licensing agency, not a developer.

  • I am not sure if the story is accurate...but I appreciate people remembering SWG. :)

    The most-logical rumor was the idea of Sony wanting to increase revenue by making Star Wars Galaxies compatible with the PS3...simplifying things. They should have just made a PS3 version all along honestly if the case.

    Starsider person here.

  • grimbldoo

    When was the last time Lucasart themselves made a good game?

  • I did my best but I am failing to find a Kyle Katarn anywhere in this image.

  • Alex Perry


  • spectre99

    what Disney is doing is killing small parts of me a little bit at a time. why would anyone have anything to do with this company?? anti-Semitic, killed starwars, shit programing on their tv station AND giving kids the adhd and autism. effin ef effin gd Disney. I think they might be truly evil.
    oh and George, "you were supposed to fight them, not join them." effin sad
    dizknee is doing starwars like obiwan did anikin

  • Monkey Island was the first computer game I ever played and I loved all of them. It is a sad day indeed.

  • Bob Thayer

    A demo of Monkey Island was among the very first graphics-based games I ever played on any computer. It let you play up until the point where you had to give the bridge troll a red herring.

    I completely understand.

  • TMc51

    I think this calls for a site-wide word filter to change "Disney" to "cum guzzling gutter whore".

  • David Jones

    Dammit, X-wing Allaince on the PC was one of my all time fav games, I was really hoping that Disney would get this series going again :(

  • :(

    It was as if a million gamers cried out and were suddenly silenced

  • Jane Savage

    Personally, ever since Tim Schafer left/was fired (not sure what it was) I lost all interest in LucasArts games.

  • JimmyThr
  • Max Baldwin

    I am gonna miss the Empire at War series. Even through they were not the best RTS games in the world, because they had stuff like unit cap, the unit special abilities and the integration of space and land was awesome.

  • agatha

    Agh men! Full Trottle was my favourite game! Always hoped op an xbox version.. Atleast I have the xp version...
    Still hoping op an GK4 game.. *Fingers crossed*

  • Great to see the memory of Full Throttle still endures.

  • Scott Hall. 61st IWGP Champ.

    Well, there goes my internship down the fucking drain.

  • Matthew Little

    I recently applied there as well. Pretty shitty. There are other places in the area that accept internships though.

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