Next Stop, The Afterlife: Woman Almost Hit By Train Trying To Retrieve Cell Phone From Tracks

April 2, 2013


Note: Tons of screaming, turn your speakers down or regret it for the rest of the day.

This is an absolutely piss-poor quality video of some woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil almost getting smacked by a train trying to grab her dropped cell phone from the tracks. Sometimes you just have to let your cell phone go, you know? I don't even like bending over so the floor of my apartment is literally covered with them. It's like a Chuck E Cheese ball pit but with cell phones.

Hit the jump and get your Final Destination on.

Thanks to Dunc, who once dove out of a plane during takeoff because he saw a pager on the runway.

  • Sloan

    yeah but did she get her cellphone?

  • Philippe

    She was trying to kill herself. Here is the video where she is explaining everything

  • Actually, she was trying to kill herself. >>

  • William Pargas

    I hope she is brought up on charges (assuming there is a law for the stupid thing she did).

  • rafaelolg

    Actually she was tryng suicide. There is a video in local news about this.

  • NDomino

    Poor girl, wonder why she was trying to kill herself

  • agatha

    Omg! And straight to jail I think...

  • Chris

    What we've learned today. Brazilian's have terrible cellphone replacement coverage.

  • Max Baldwin

    I have always wondered why they dont make those ledges easier to climb. Make them ridged or something.

  • SergioSource

    That's actualy a pretty good point. Carved ledges with places to support your feet in... Why isn't it like that? This was an act of stupidity, and there were those who'd help here, but others might not be so luckY

  • Max Baldwin

    I mean I can see why they don't have ladders, but in a rush like this it would have helped to be able to grip the wall better with your feet. Luckily the security guard that pulled her out was a big guy.

  • Kevin

    Why do people always have to interfere with natural selection?

  • Kathleen E. Smith

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  • Andrew Elijah Edwards

    Who is Francisco?

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