Custom TARDIS Police Box Fridge Decals Now Available

April 24, 2013


Remember that picture of the TARDIS refrigerator with no other information? Well it turns out it was made by artist/engineers B.E.Johnson & Joy Alyssa Day and they'll make one to fit your fridge for the low, low price of $185. Plus it doesn't come with the Christmas lights in the windows unless you want it to. Side decals are $65, an ice maker telephone door $14, and an audio module $12. I want one, but all I have is the lil compact refrigerator from my old dorm room.

Customized refrigerator kit to turn your fridge into a very special Police Box. The top section is a separate structure that includes the sign, the peak roof and a working beacon.

The skin integrates best with a French Door refrigerator, because of the way the fridge doors better match the Police Box. A single door, with or without a separate freezer, also looks cool; it just doesn't open in the manner of a Police Box.

There is the option of including a stiffened "little phone door" that can be adjusted to make it fit over the top of your ice maker, so the little door swings open to access the ice maker, but then closes the rest of the time.

There is also an audio module available that fits inside the fridge that can be programmed to play your favorite Police Box sounds whenever the doors open.

Oh man, I used to have a cat that would always come running every time you opened the refrigerator door and then try to jump in there before you closed it. He was weird. Plus he used to get in the back of the tub and stare at me while I showered. Like I said, weird. Rest in peace, Shitmittens.

Thanks to PYY, who's been known to hide in the fridge during hide and seek and eat all the string cheese and pudding packs.

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