Curiosity Rover's Parachute Blowing Around On Mars

April 5, 2013


This is a shot (and time-lapse video) of the Mars rover Curiosity's descent parachute caught blowing around in the breeze . Thankfully, the parachute is still attached to Curiosity's protective landing shell (the white circle), so it can't blow away and wreak havoc on the red planet *cue photo of cute martian monster strangled to death with parachute strings*. Still, I think this serves as a fine reminder of the human method of space exploration: we come, we litter, we never go back. Isn't that right, moon? "YOU ABANDONED A CAR ON ME." Haha, it was a lemon.

Hit the jump for a time-lapse video of the parachute moving around.

Thanks to Nathan, who tried to tell me littering is a way of marking your territory. Dammit Nathan, I hope you were kidding. GIVE A HOOT, DON'T POLLUTE.

  • Tom327Cat

    We should have used an American flag design on the chute. Maybe with the added words, Hay North Korea, Try hitting this with a missile.

  • Ben

    they also left bags of poop on the moon

  • Boomsling

    Nice one Jeremy, I was just gonna post a link to that video, then geekologie can be home to the two most boring video on the interwebs.
    Must be a slow news day

  • Jeremy Tilton

    This parachute was just.... dancing with me... Like a little kid begging me to play with it... for fifteen minutes... Some times there is so much... beauty... in the world... I feel like I can't take it... Like my heart... is just gonna.... cave in....

  • Jesus Manuel Sandoval-Serrano

    I'm not the only one who thought of American Beauty

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