Cat Survives Year On McDonald's Cheesburgers, Nuggets

April 16, 2013


Frankie the cat has lived in a New Zealand McDonald's parking lot for the last year, surviving on little more than the nuggets and pieces of cheeseburger patrons would toss him after following their cars through the drive-thru. Add an occasional strawberry shake and you have my dream diet.

But with winter on its way and staff concerned that Frankie's health was declining, Waikato SPCA field officer Jessica Watson decided to take action.

Now its fast food days are over.

"He's on a strict cat food-only diet now," Ms Watson said.

"When I first took him home he refused to eat anything because it wasn't McDonald's and I seriously considered going back there to get him a burger.

Frankie, who has lived in the parking lot since he was a kitten, has since kicked his addiction and is now ready for adoption. Fingers crossed his new owners don't introduce him to KFC.

Thanks to Erri, who officially confirmed I can haz cheezburger cat is no longer a myth and it's only a matter of time before cats are peering through ceiling tiles to make sure you're not masturbating.

  • TheChappellShow

    meh, millions of people have been doing this for way longer

  • Lee

    So he no longer 'Can haz cheezburgers?'

    -- Sorry I had to --

  • Max Baldwin

    Well I mean cat food and McDonald's are not that different. Just throw it in a bun for him or shape it into nugget form.

  • magneto1138

    This same article could be said for my local McDonalds, except with raccoons.

  • Kevin

    A matter of time before what? You didn't finish the sentence.

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