Campaign Calls For Ban Of Autonomous Killer Robots

April 23, 2013


In agreement with last year's announcement by Human Rights Watch, an initiative created by the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots (an actual organization I didn't start myself) urges policy makers to ban the development and use of autonomous robots that can kill without human intervention. In a statement that sounds straight out of my personal diary, the organization calls the development of killer robots "repulsive" and "the leading factor of my erectile dysfunction." Okay, so that last bit actually was out of my personal diary.

...organisers of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots - a global effort being launched on Tuesday - say advances in robotic technology mean it is only a matter of time before fully autonomous "human-out-of-the-loop" systems - capable of firing on their own - are developed.

They argue that giving machines the power over who lives and dies in war would be an unacceptable application of technology, and would pose a fundamental challenge to international human rights and humanitarian laws.

Campaign leader Ms Williams, who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for her work in bringing about a ban on anti-personnel landmines, told BBC News: "As people learn about our campaign, they will flock to it.

"The public conscience is horrified to learn about this possible advance in weapons systems. People don't want killer robots out there.

See, now this is a hard one. It's like, who do you trust to f*** up less: a human, or a robot. Because I would 100% trust a human to screw up before a robot. It's called human error. That said, I still don't think we should be creating autonomous killing machines, because they're not the answer either. Love -- love is the answer. I'm talking that really deep kissing that makes other people feel uncomfortable if you do it in public but you don't care because you are IN THE LOVES. So much so that you forget where you are and the kissing turns into a little under-the-shirt bra rubbing too then you open your eyes and you're at my friend's dinner party last weekend and they're asking you to leave. Oh I'm sorry, JUST BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND DON'T LOVE EACH OTHER.

Thanks to Peter, Clawi and Farlander Bob, who agree nothing should be autonomous, not even soft-serve machines.

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