BURN IT WITH FIRE: 22-Foot Wasp Nest Found In Home

April 12, 2013


These are shots of the 22-foot long wasp nest found in an abandoned house on the Canary Islands. Experts say the nest probably wasn't made by indigenous wasps, and is likely the work of an invasive species from Africa. *buys beekeeper suit on eBay, plans on never taking it off* This is cool to wear to weddings, right?

Officers were called out by worried neighbours of the empty home in the island's capital and say the nest was in an indoor hallway and contained literally millions of wasps.

Authorities have been unable to trace the owner of the house.

You want to find the owners of the house, do you? Here's what you do: burn that nest with fire -- there's gonna be a bone pile at the bottom. Thank you, thank you -- I'll take my Canary Islands honorary detective badge now.

Hit the jump for one more shot.



Thanks to E V I L A R E S, David B and JTF, who are willing to run in there and kick it if you give them a dollar.

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