Be My Friend?: Forever Alone Meme Desktop Statue

April 2, 2013


This is a $30 Forever Alone meme face statuette from ThinkGeek. It makes the perfect companion for the person with no companions. You know, I had a friend once. He might try to tell you we were just roommates, but we went halfsies on an entertainment stand so obviously there was more to it than that. Speaking of: how about returning my f***ing calls, bro? I've got a movie night waiting with your name on it. IN BLOOD.

Hit the jump for a closeup and a shot of the saddest birthday party of all time.



Thanks to Jacqueline, who took the time to tell me she has several close friends like she was trying to rub it in or something. REAL COOL.

  • Syed Arslan Rizvi

    the 3hrd pic describe me ;(

  • AH! That second picture startled me! Was not expecting a close up. Thanks for the nightmares.

  • ZerglingPack

    Wasn't this an April fools product like they do every year? Or is this the one they decided to make like they do every time?

  • TheOtakuX

    No, it's been out since at least Valentines.

  • Vladplaya

    That is pretty hilarious!

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