Awesome Sweded Iron Man 3 Trailer From Thailand

April 30, 2013


This is a sweded version of the most recent Iron Man 3 trailer brought to us by Thailand based moviemakers FEDFE. I was impressed. Even more impressed than I was with the drunk guy who I bet couldn't eat two dozen pickles from the jar behind the bar on Saturday. "He actually did it?" Hell no, I was just impressed he honored the bet. I gamble a lot when I'm drunk, but if I lose I disappear like a magician (read: hide between two cars in the parking lot waiting for my cab to arrive).

Hit the jump for this version and the original just in case you want to compare them for continuity because that's what your evenings have been reduced to.

Thanks to Ina and Eli, who would both pay good money to see a feature-length version in the theaters. Hell, I'd buy you both tickets AND nachos and soda.

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