Another Day, Another Person Quits Their Job With A Cake

April 16, 2013


This is the cake that Chris Holmes used to resign from his job at the Stansted Airport so he could pursue his true passion -- making cakes. He has really nice penmanship (technically icing-bagmanship). Unlike Chris, when I quit a job I don't give my coworkers some tasty treat to remember me by. I only wanna give them two things: the finger, and diarrhea from all the laxatives I poured in the water cooler. That way, whenever they're sitting on the john doubled-over in pain, they will remember me. Not fondly mind you, but I'm okay with that.

Thanks to Chris H, Tony and DK, who quit jobs the old fashioned way: not showing up anymore. Classico!

  • geah

    He spelled organization wrong...

  • agatha

    His site looks cool, only I don't like those kind of cakes. Too sweet

  • ImNoRobot

    Hope your cake business can thrive even though you can't spell for shit. Grammar is horrible too, there are literally comma splices everywhere.

  • Gayrobot

    It's a cake you stupid fuck, and it's English, not American English. Suck my scone.

  • ImNoRobot

    Doesn't change his shitty grammar and comma splicing. I understand that you lack the basic curriculum to comprehend this as you have also comma spliced your sentence.

  • I live in the village next to this guy, and read his story in the local news. Boss.

  • Billy Rocka

    Thought it said Chomos...

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Classiest resignation ever. Unless it tastes like a shitty cake mix, in which case, have fun being broke.

  • taran420

    I like how he leaves his website address at the end. Boss.

  • Ha! I tried to go to the dude's website and it looks like it's been crashed by traffic. Oh Internet! You blessing, you curse.

  • Bubbubsky

    This doubles as a neat way to resign, and an even better way to advertise your business. This is free advertising and it's obviously all over the world now.

  • You mean... the cake is a lie?!

  • +10 internets to you, friend.

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