ZOOM ZOOM: Three Wheeled Batmobile-Looking Trike

March 28, 2013


This is the Torq Roadster from electric vehicle company Epic EV. The all-electric trike can hit 0-60MPH in four seconds and handle turns at 1.3-G's. For reference, that's 0.3 more G's than a solo rap album.

The Tumbler-esque design is state of the art. A carbon fiber body, polycarbonate windscreen and super-wide 80-inch track suspension all contribute to the speed and handling of the Torq Roadster. But the real master stroke in its design was the removal of the fourth wheel. Epic claims that having only three wheels reduces drag by 25 percent, boosting both acceleration and range.

The street legal roadsters will have a $65,000 pricetag, get about 100-miles to a charge, and would look great with a certain Geekologie Writer behind the wheel. So like, what's the rule with electric trikes -- do you need a license to drive one? I only ask because I lost mine. "At a bar?" To the court.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video of the electric deathtrap in action.





Thanks to ross, who has an electric car and plays the stereo as loud as it'll go so people hear him coming and don't pull out in front of him without looking. It's scary how many people around here drive by sound.

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