You Smell Awful: Zombie-Scented Cologne And Perfume

March 11, 2013


Because this is the world we live in, eccentric fragrance manufacturer Demeter has created zombie-themed scents for him and her. They really need to hire a new bottle art designer.

So you're a Zombie. Or you know a Zombie. And you might become a Zombie. Any way you slice and dice it, you'll need different kinds of fragrance. Fragrances that can make the dead simply pass by without offending. Because only Demeter Fragrance Library could make a Zombie fragrance eminently wearable.

Zombie for Him: Think forest floor. Zombie for Him is a combination of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth. A definite must-have for any
Man's scent collection.

Zombie for Her: A slightly lighter version of the Men's fragrance with a touch of Dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel for that feminine touch.

If you're interested, 1-oz bottles will set you back $20, and 4-oz bottles $40. That's four times the fragrance for only double the price -- what a steal! And speaking of stealing: I told my roommate the neighbors left their Wi-Fi unsecured this morning so we can pirate all the music we want to today. They didn't really though, it's just a Wi-Fi network I set up myself and am having monitored by the RIAA.

Thanks to Chuu, who doesn't want to smell like shit.

  • Demeter, the manufacturer has come out with exciting and exquisite fragrances for men and women. These $20 fragrances for men is a blend of perfumes of dried leaves, mushrooms mildew, moss and earth, while the perform for the women is a lighter version of the men's perfume with a feminine touch. They offering one ounce bottle for $20 each and four ounce bottles for $40 each. Good bargain is it not?

  • well i

  • Zombie perfume; this is real funny;)

  • Professor Shyguy

    That is the worst zombie "photo" I've ever seen in my life. Not hyperbole, that's the stupidest ever.

  • Guest

    That label is the the worst picture of anything ever. (hyperbole, but still...)

  • Adamant

    April is next month

  • FAKE!!!!

    This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

    This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max wakes up in the hospital, and realizes while he was out, zombies took over the world. He eventually found Baja, who was sleeping with his best friend.

  • disqus_Puhs0ktiPv

    they created the pictures using the Walking Dead app

  • Closet Nerd

    "I love the smell of [rotting flesh] in the morning!"
    .....just sayin

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