X-Ray Envelope Spray Lets You See Through Paper

March 13, 2013


Envelope X-Ray Spray is a $16 can of magic that lets you see through a layer of paper for 30-60 seconds before evaporating and leaving no trace of itself. It's perfect for finding out what kind of birthday card your grandmother sent before you opening it on your actual birthday. Granted you won't know how much money is in the card, so just assume $20 less than last year. Now x-ray envelope spray is neat and all, but what I really want is a spray that can see through scratch-off lotto tickets. I've seriously only won $20 on the last $170 I've spent. My system isn't working! "What's your system?" Get drunk and buy a bunch on the walk home.

Hit the jump for a video demonstration.

Thanks to Thomax, who heard James Bond used to carry around a can of this stuff to spray the letters of the women he slept with to see what sort of things they were writing about him to their pen pals.

  • xero42

    now they just need to make it look like a can of axe or hairspray

  • Mungo9000

    It's just acetone, nail polish remover.
    Get some nail polish remover and try it, there's no great chemical mystery to it.

  • asdfadsfadfs

    good, now make one that works on clothing. wet tshirt with a sweater. finally spring break alaska can be a thing.

  • Orannis

    So.... pressurized rubbing alcohol? Yeah, that sounds like a GREAT idea.

  • Steven Sanchez

    im better off using a regular spray bottle with water...

  • Brant_Alan

    I don't really feel like going more into that.

  • xero42

    this stuff dries faster and won't make ink run

  • Joe Ferschke

    A mislabeled can of duster that costs more? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Seriously you can do this with a can of duster held upside down...

  • xero42

    yea if you want to risk making the ink run when the water you froze in the envelope thaws

  • Carson Green

    I might investigate this, later. :3

  • Closet Nerd

    Does it work on womens' shirts?! THAT is the question!
    ......just sayin

  • Closet Nerd

    I'll spray it on FxV556's blackberry while she has it stored away
    .....just sayin

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