Why It Do That?: Spinning A CD So Fast It Explodes

March 11, 2013


I've used tons of terrible screencaps on Geekologie, and this one is certainly no exception. I had the choice of either using one of the CD just spinning, or after the explosion, and I chose neither of those and went with a really blurry one from during the ACTUAL explosion. It's a decision that may haunt me, not unlike the ghost of the former tenant which the landlord failed to mention actually died in the apartment. I thought they were required to tell you that kind of stuff. This is a video of a CD exploding after being spun super-fast on a high-speed electric motor. Why does it explode instead of condensing and forming a planet? Answer in the comments for your chance to win a kiss from the supermodel of your choice!*

*Winner must be blindfolded and not complain about my mustache.

Hit the jump for the video, complete with Coke can destruction.

Thanks to Tony, who told me it exploded because of some minor imperfection in the disk that caused it become unstable at such a high RPM and he sounded all very scientific about it so I believe him.

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