Who Needs Waves?: The Kymera Electric Bodyboard

March 4, 2013


This is the Kymera electric bodyboard. It doesn't need Mother Nature's sissy wave power because it has an electric engine and battery. It's basically a lay-down jet-ski, and I was actually pretty impressed with its speed. They're currently a Kickstarter project though so if you want one you're gonna have to cough up at least $2,500 (and hope a bunch of other people do too). That's a little out of my watersports budget at the moment. My budget is more along the lines of an inflatable pool and two of those foam noodles to beat each other with American Gladiators style, and I already have the noodles in the closet. I get to be Nitro though.

Hit the jump for their Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Devon, who doesn't need an electric bodyboard because he/she (you have a unisex name and didn't clarify!) knows how to call and lasso dolphins. That's cool.

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