ELECTRIC POWER: Ferrari Is Making A 963HP Hybrid

March 5, 2013


Because they're all the rage right now, Ferrari is going to manufacturer a million-dollar, 963-horsepower gas/electric hybrid supercar called the *drumroll please* LaFerrari. *womp womp* Wow, and I was this close to putting my name on the waiting list. The car generates electric power from braking and then can use the stored energy to supplement the gas engine for BOOST ZOOMING. Boost zooming is a registered trademark of the Geekologie Writer by the way.

The LaFerrari has more power than the McLaren P1, it's also a hybrid made entirely of carbon fibre, it will do 62 mph under 3 seconds, and they will only make 499 while already having about 700 orders.

Who cares about how fast it can do 62MPH, how quickly can I get it to 88MPH? I'm asking for a friend and not me who totally doesn't have a flux capacitor and no this isn't a picnic basket full of dinosaur-sized condoms behind my back. They're, uh, weather balloons.

Hit the jump for more pictures and and a video of the thing zoom around that gave me a boner even though I tried to fight it.






Thanks to Reece, who thought about buying one but heard it's never a good idea to get a car the first year it's made because it takes a while to work out the kinks. Plus, you know, the whole money issue.

  • Trust Ferrari to come up with the most astounding cars! Wow, now this 963 HP million-dollar gas/electric hybrid beast is going to make it to the roads.And what features, if the 0-62 mph tag is not enough, it is to be called the "drumroll please", and Ferrari are planning to produce only 499 cars against a standing order of 700 cars.

  • Well I

  • Eng

    The company I work in will be making several body panels from this car, thought it was pretty sweet when I found out!

  • Much more pleasing than Lambo's Veneno IMO

  • Jonathan Collins

    so this is the car i would hit the gas on and then die in a flaming wreck.

  • Tenchi059

    This video's not so special or informative. If you want to understand a minimum about technological advances in this car you should watch "LaFerrari - Focus on vehicle dynamics". I've been hearing this car running over and over again on Fiorano's circuit for the past year from my house, it's a pleasure to see it finally completed in all its beauty :)

  • Closet Nerd

    GW, glad to see you plan to practice safe sex in the Mesozoic period.
    And remember that, "RAWR" means "No".... unless they blink twice
    ...... just sayin

  • Badger Metalous

    Because the petrol engine is obsolete, electric motors have been more power for a number of years now, its only battery life and huge money in petrol companies which keeps them down.

  • TheeMacG

    Electric motors can produce way more torque than gas engines. The new NSX is a "hybrid" too. There are very few cars out there that can do a 0-60mph in under 3 seconds. like Le said, this is a technology that has been used in F1 cars for sometime now and i'm sure we will be seeing more of it in high performance production cars in the future.

  • Sven-Karsten

    Well it`s actually a NINEHUNDREDSIXTYTHREE Super-Uber-Sportscar!

  • Deksam

    La Ferrari... it must be the same guy who panicked for a name when the La Car was 1st made... Hey Ferrari! i have an unused name for ya, how about the Ferrari Ferrocia... ???

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    the point of this car is the same point of all ferraris: to look awesome and go fast. So, check and check.

  • snebes

    Well it is an expensive way to get an iPad mini

  • Le

    It's a different kind of hybrid system than a Prius would use. It;s a KERS system. which generates energy from braking and then you can use that energy to boost acceleration with the electric motor. Exactly like F1 cars.

  • Francis

    don't care would still drive

  • Brant_Alan

    You're like one of those tools that'd tell his buddies he'd "totally hit it" in reference to a girl that had just passed.
    Yeah no shit you would if the opportunity to take such action would ever take place because you are desperate and haven't had anything that nice in your life before.

  • $18922249

    So incredibly brave.

  • Dethawk

    I don't even..

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