Uh-Oh: Robotic BigDog Now Has A Brick-Throwing Head

March 1, 2013


How do you make a BigDog quadruped robot even more terrifying? Simple, add a cinderblock-throwing head attachment. It can actually chuck them pretty far too -- probably about as far as I could. So if it ever comes down to a cinderblock throwing duel to the death, it could be anybody's game. I only ask you avenge my death when it kills me.

Hit the jump, watch the video, and start boarding up any ground-level windows in your house.

Thanks to Andrew and Mike, who both agree there is zero purpose for a brick-throwing robot that doesn't involve vandalism. Whats next -- graffiti robots? They actually already have those.

  • Turbosloth

    I preemptively named my router SkyNet.

  • Guest

    Chuck Norris would love to play fetch with this robut dog.

  • Registeredwithem

    Truly amazing to watch this project develop. Fucked up that the main impetus is making war, though.
    Also, nice to get back on the site. I know the malware warnings were probably false, but I don't take risks with that. What gives?

  • Rick PepperJack Haertle

    I actually had a dream about the BigDog last night except it had six legs, could sprint, and had an articulating head with one eye on it. This thing is literally nightmare fuel.

  • Idlethoughts

    Look up hexopods robots...

  • I for one welcome our new Robot PackElephants...

  • Dsembr

    How are people supposed to get the heads up on the robot apocalypse when this site is riddled with malware warnings? You'd do your readers a great courtesy to fix that, GW.

  • Vladplaya

    Why does it have to keep moving its legs, I feel like its waste of energy, they should look into making it just take a good still posture once in a while.

  • The idea here is for them to show how it can maintain its equilibrium even in such complex conditions.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    I just don't understand this BigDog monstrosity. What is it even trying to achieve?

  • catallergy

    World domination. One cinder-block at a time.

  • Kevin

    This thing can go where other traditional rovers, 4 wheeled-camera mounted remote controlled devices can't go. You'd be able to send it into places like nuclear reactors that have gone critical to do damage assessments. Send it into war-torn areas to look for survivors, etc. Be nice to have it able to clear debris. You'd be able to send it in to rescue people where it would otherwise be too dangerous to send a human, etc. Many, many applications for such a strong, versatile robot.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Clearing debris: one cinder block at a time

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