Twitter Goes Wild Over A Shot Of A Dude Watching P0rn In The Office Building Across The Street

March 15, 2013


So apparently Twitter went buck wild with this picture of a guy watching p0rn in his office after Australian user James P (aka PenguinShepard) posted it to his account. For the record, it's rude to watch another man watch p0rn unless he invited you to.

"The guy watching porn at work across the road is back," James tweeted, "doesn't realise our whole office can see him!"

"Bet the blinds are shut tomorrow lol," remarked one Twitter user. "I doubt it, he's been doing it for ages!" James replied.

"Yeah, he saw us all watching him towards the end of the day," James updated his followers yesterday. "We [gave] him a round of applause, he closed his screen down."

I'm not sure what's worse -- spending all day watching p0rn at work, or spending all day watching somebody else watch p0rn at work. I take that back, watching somebody else is definitely worse. Watching it yourself, that's like every man's dream job. Except mine, I want to help people.

Thanks to khz, who used to have a job where they clearly didn't monitor his internet usage because the links he would send me -- good lord.

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