Brand Loyalty: Guy Gets A Netflix Tattoo, Netflix Gives Him A Free Year Of Service (Making It All Worth It)

March 8, 2013


Twitter user TheRealMyron got this Netflix tattoo on the side of his stomach and tweeted it to Netflix's account, and the movie-streaming giant awarded his loyal fandom with a free year of service. A whole year! Keep in mind Netflix wasn't holding a contest or anything, Myron just got the tattoo because he loves the company and "Netflix is a lifestyle." Just like swinging. Some other gems from his feed:

Netflix tweeted me retweeted my Tattoo and gave me a free year tonight there is noway you can't believe in Netflix gang now it's a movement

@netflix I'm so excited I love Netflix can I get a follow back also

There is so many strangers in my mentions about this Netflix stuff lol they don't understand the life

@netflix follow me back pleaseeee

huff post said they want to do a story!!!!!!!!!

i just got asked to do a story on web cam i dont think i have a web came here

who has a web cam?

I have a webcam, Myron. Come over and you can do the interview from my place and then you can show me what this lifestyle is all about. I've had Netflix for years, but I didn't know I was part of a MOVEMENT. Also, we should totally get some jackets and hats made with a catchy slogan to celebrate your victory. I'm thinking 'Netflix For Life'. "But I only got a year." Yeah....maybe if you got another, even BIGGER one.

Thanks to Big Dave, who's getting a Ferrari tattoo this weekend. Good luck with that.

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