Time Lapse Of 16-Bit Metroid Mother Brain Finale Getting An Artist's High Definition Photoshop Overhaul

March 26, 2013


Note: Decent size shot of the final product HERE.

This is a time-lapse video (after the jump -- that's jut a animated gif above in case you're somebody's mom reading this) of DeviantARTist Elemental79 (of DOOM screenshot to high res picture fame) turning a composite 16-bit scene from Super Metroid into a high-res art piece. I, for one, would be honored to hang a print of that in my living room. Especially over the hole in the wall I made throwing my Playstation controller during a temper tantrum. In case you care:

In order to give the screenshot a 16x9 aspect ratio this is not an actual screenshot from the game, but made up of several screenshots and sprite sets. Included in this scene is a metroid, which is not accurate to the game, but believable since there wouldn't be a logical reason that one could not wander into Mother Brain's room (And I really wanted to remake the metroid).

To answer some questions I've received, the image took between 50 and 60 hours and had well over 500 layers. I didn't really keep track of either. I also didn't do this in one sitting but over the course of a few weeks.

Fifty to sixty hours -- that's some serious dedication. Maybe not as dedicated as I am to the cause of animal rescue, but not everybody can spend their spare time being a hero. You know how many cats I have? Six. "I thought you were going to say more than that." THOUSAND. So many that when I put their food out I can't tell which way is up.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to my buddy Duncan, who makes timelapse videos of himself drawing dongs in MS Paint. So, you know, equal but different.

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