Thumbs And Ammo Takes The Guns Out Of Movie Scenes

March 20, 2013


Thumbs And Ammo is a blog with a bunch of user submitted movie stills/posters with the weapons removed from the characters' hands, and thumbs-up poses instead. It just goes to show, you don't need to be waving a gun around to look like a badass, you just need to know how to pose. One hand on your hip, in general, is not the way to go.

Hit the jump for a ton more, but check out the blog for so many I lost count (so over 30).






















Thanks to PYY and Josh C, who agree the Fonz is a perfect example of how throwing the thumbs up can make you look like a badass. Also, a leather jacket and cool hair doesn't hurt. Still, Josh -- you're gonna have to work harder if you want to get in my good graces like your buddy Tallon.

  • CommonSense033

    I have no problem with this. A gun is to be used for target or sport, or as a last resort, to defend one's family against violent criminals or tyranny.

    Hollywood glorifies the MISuse of guns. Unsafe handling, pointing guns at everyone, slow-motion shots of how cool everyone looks jumping sideways with a gun in each hand. Shooting, shooting, shooting, no ears ringing, no traumatic shakes, none of the reality.

    No movies show someone removing a gun from a safe, loading it with the muzzle pointed into a safe direction like into a sand-filled plant pot, putting it in a well-made concealed retention holster, NEVER pointing it at anyone or brandishing it, and when they get home, carefully clearing the round from the chamber, checking again with a finger in the chamber, and putting it in the safe.

    But that's what tens of millions of lawful gun owners do daily. And they hate what Hollywood shows.

  • nov4cane

    Han thumbs'd first

  • Damn liberals. Messin with Star Wars like that... >:-(

  • skratchy

    I know. All those damn people that don't want to shoot people. Let's shoot them!

  • CynicalChristian

    At least they are aiming at liberals when they paint their liberal ideology all over the place (as in most of Hollywood is liberals, might as well paint out their guns that they don't want to have on the streets). *snickers

  • Deksam

    Hey Rambo, are you too constipated to continue your mission or what???... "I'm good man!"

  • Cortney A.

    I like how Chuck Norris's thumbs look like they're smoking.

  • GW just posted this because he felt sorry for me... Your sympathy has not gone unnoticed, sir.

  • TheOtakuX

    Oh, come on. The Ghostbusters didn't have guns, they had PARTICLE THROWERS. Completely different.

  • Vladeon

    What do you think bullets are?

  • Tallon

    Josh! You did it man. You've contributed and helped the Geekologie Pirate Ship stay afloat. But when I'm done making my GW doll out of human hair, we'll see who is the ultimate internet bullshitter.

  • you just need to know how to pose. One hand on your hip, in general, is not the way to go. ... http://www.Enjoytowork72dol...

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    She is right Tallon, you need to learn to work it.

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