The Old 'What Would You Do If Saw A Guy Getting Strangled To Death In An Elevator' Experiment

March 4, 2013


This is a viral ad for that movie 'Drop Dead Fred' or whatever (actually 'Dead Man Down' for the sake of journalistic integrity) that features two dudes in an elevator, one pretending to strangle the other with an extension cord, to see how people will react. SPOILER: Poorly -- they react poorly. Most run away (presumably to call for help but maybe just to pretend nothing happened), several jump in there and get physical, and at least one dude just stands there taking pictures. Amazingly, there were no weapon-toting heroes in the bunch to put an end to the experiment. What would you have done? Because I would have just gotten on, waited for the doors to close, busted ass so hard they both passed out, then tied them up and interrogated them. Remember: just because somebody is strangling someone doesn't automatically make them the bad guy.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Rob, who would have jumped in there, kicked dude's ass, written 'I just tried to strangle a guy and failed' on his forehead, then hit the button for every floor in the building to shame him. Another solid strategy.

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