Teensy: A Half-Inch Millennium Falcon Papercraft Model

March 13, 2013


This is the half-inch papercraft Millennium Falcon model made by working under a magnifying glass professional David Canavese. David says she ship is entirely paper (and glue) and took eight hours to complete. There's a bonus Star Wars Blockade Runner after the jump that's even more detailed and took David a week to finish. That's some serious dedication right there. Because I remember when I was making model airplanes as a kid I'd always put the very first decal on crooked and then get so mad at myself I'd smash the thing and spend the rest of the afternoon sniffing model airplane glue.

Hit the jump for the Blockade Runner.


Thanks to my buddy Terry, who won $1,000 on a lotto scratcher yesterday when it should have been me.

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