Sure, Why Not?: Scotland To Legalize Jedi Weddings

March 26, 2013


While the US Supreme court reviews Proposition 8, Jedis in Scotland are fighting their own fight, with the hopes that weddings officiated by followers of the 'Temple of the Jedi Order' are recognized by the country with the same equality as other religions. Completely unrelated: I'm thinking about starting a cult.

A bill under consideration in Scotland would grant those who have literally made "Star Wars" a religion the power to perform marriage ceremonies.

The BBC reports that the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill would apply to other nonreligious groups such as the Flat Earth Society and the Jedi Knights Society, aka Temple of the Jedi Order.

And while it may sound like a joke to most, the Jedi religion is quite popular in some parts of Europe. In England, it is the second-most popular "alternative religion," with more than 175,000 people listing themselves as Jedi in the 2012 nationwide census.

Hey -- different strokes for different folks. You want to have a Jedi wedding? Have a Jedi wedding. But you better cut the cake with a lightsaber. Or do Jedi followers not believe in wedding cakes? They better still believe in open bars, I'll tell you that.

Thanks to Nobhdy, who agrees the number of lightsabers present at a wedding is directly proportional to how long the marriage will last. Over ten and you should be good for life.

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