So It's Come To This: Beer Pong Arcade Machines

March 29, 2013


Because drinking beer is actually the least fun thing about beer pong, arcade manufacturer Bay Tek Games is releasing Beer Pong Master, a beer pong arcade game with zero alcohol.'s not really beer pong is it? It's just pong. Jk jk, just a waste of a dollar.

Normal beer pong mechanics are in play here, but you have a set amount of time (our machine was registered at 60-second games) to sink as many balls in the still-lit cups as possible. All 10 cups begin completely lit at the start of the timer, and once your first ball connects to the rim of any cup, the clock begins winding down until you've sunk a ball in every cup and dimmed all the lights, or 60 seconds has passed, whichever comes first

Man, this kind of makes me want to go play carnival games. Yeah, and I'm gonna win a big prize -- none of those small or medium stuffed animals for me. I'm gonna be the guy carrying the GIANT BEAR. Fun fact: did you know that nobody ever actually wins the big stuffed animals at amusement parks and the people you see walking around with them are just employees paid to do that? Well that's true and don't even try to say you've won one or know somebody who has because that makes you a dirty liar.

Hit the jump for a video of the game being played.

Thanks to PYY, who plays vodka-drink pong because it just feels right.

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