Scandalous!: Woman Calls Things Off With Fiance After Spotting Him On Google Maps With Another Woman

March 7, 2013


Note: It wasn't actually Google Maps, it's the Russian equivalent called Yandex Maps. I just said Google Maps in the title because because if I'd said Yandex you'd be all, 'Dammit, the GW's been drinking again' (which I have but I'm trying to play it off).

A woman in Russia recently called things off with her fiance after stumbling across a shot of him holding hands with another woman while looking up an address on Yandex Maps. Or was she purposefully looking for him? DUM DUM DUM!

Marina Voinova told that she was looking up an address using the website's "street view" feature when she happened across a man who looked like Alexander, her boyfriend of five years, with his arms around a woman who did not look like her.

"When Sasha came home, I immediately called him to computer and asked him to find that address in the map," she told the news portal. "When the image loaded, Sasha's face changed in color. I looked in his eyes, waiting for explanations."

Alexander immediately confessed to everything, Marina recalled. He told her he had made a mistake and did not love the other woman, but Marina had already made up her mind to end their relationship.

I'm surprised dude didn't even try to lie. Oh, her? That's my sister. "But I thought you didn't have a sister." Crazy right? Turns out she was long-lost. She just contacted me and we got together for lunch. Are you buying any of this this? Listen -- please don't destroy my stereo system, I paid a ton of rubles for that.

Hit the jump for a local news report but make sure to have the captions on unless you're Russian or can speak Russian or just don't care what anybody is saying.

Thanks to beeps, who agrees at least it's not as bad as finding out your husband of six years is on a dating website "looking to experiment." Ouch.

  • Trollio

    Damnit, why doesn't say which dating site she is on! *Wolfwhistle!


  • Brandon

    His first name is Sasha and his last name is Alexander? Is that correct? Well, that explains what he's been doing since Step By Step was canceled.

  • John Whatmeworry

    Sasha and Alexander is the same first name, like Dick and Richard are the same first names.

  • Brandon

    *picks up sense of humor from ground* I think you dropped this...

  • In other news, Russian guy is incredibly stupid and loses girlfriend because he thinks she can see 8 bit pixelated photos and know it's him

  • Ridge

    totally agree! honest is great, but jeez... she can do better if he cant think of saying "its not me"

  • you can barely see that guys did she know?

  • Matthew Little

    Because he confessed. That's why she didn't outright accuse him, just had him look up the address.

  • damn i probably should have read the article huh lol

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