Rescued Penguin Spazzing Out With Happiness

March 12, 2013


This is a video of Cookie, the recently rescued penguin, going berserk after being tickled. Man, those sounds were like PURE JOY, a feeling I have never and probably will never experience. Still, Cookie gives me hope. Also, I'm just assuming the penguin is happy, but I don't know anything about penguin behavior. What do I look like, a zoologist? No, I'm just some run-of-the-mill turtle whisperer trying to finish writing this article on his cell phone because IT already got on my case about why I spend so much time on I told them it was a web resource like Wikipedia except way more accurate, but I don't think they bought it. If they start blocking it though I'm quitting.

Hit the jump and improve your day.

Thanks to lia and BennnnnnRrrrr, who both expressed that penguins are they're favorite flightless birds. Well, lia did anyways, BennnnnnRrrrr was rambling about farting candy-flavored sprinkles and crying (true story).

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