Psst -- Send Me A Cake With A File In It: Man Arrested For Vandalism Of Gov't Property For Shooting Police Robot

March 6, 2013


A 62-year old man was arrested after barricading himself in his house and then shooting one of the police robots that authorities sent in after him. Admittedly, I would have done the same thing. Johnny Five is not a professional negotiator.

Michael Blevins was charged with vandalism of government property, after drunkenly firing at a police robot in his house.

On February 23, police responded to a call that 62-year-old Blevins was making threats and had fired a gun in his home, the local Chillicothe Gazette reports. When police arrived, Blevins refused to answer the door.

After verbal negotiations failed, police sent two robots into Belvins' house instead of human officers because they believed Blevins had a lot of firearms. Blevins allegedly shot the larger of the two robots with a pistol.

Actually, I would have done a lot more than just shoot them. I would have completely disabled both robots by extreme muscular force, then posed them like the smaller one was humping the bigger one. Then taken pictures and posted them on robotic message boards with the caption 'FIRST DATE'. You know, some real psychological warfare style shit.

Thanks to myself, who really needs to cut his fingernails and stop telling himself it's an exercise in self control by not biting them and just admit he's lazy.

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