Okay, No: Thrown Robotic Snake Can Attach Itself To Poles

March 25, 2013


Jerks at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a robotic snake that can wrap itself around objects when thrown at them. Cool, here -- grab a hold of this volcano.

The idea is to create a robot capable of slithering into tight spaces, perhaps for scouting or search-and-rescue missions. Researchers have also incorporated movements not seen in real snakes, including "corkscrewing" and "pipe rolling" -- an action whereby the snake wraps itself around a pole and moves forward.

Okay, so it was designed for search-and-rescue missions. Maybe calling them jerks was a little harsh. I take it back. I mean, I'm not DELETING it, I'm just saying I take it back.

Hit the jump for a video of the nightmare penis in action.

Thanks to Chuffmonkey, The Arrogant Tiger and HasItAll, two of which are apparently animals who can type (the tiger was even bragging about his words per minute), the other of which decided the only thing he was missing in life was a Geekologie shoutout.

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