Mind-Reading Headphones Play Music Based On Mood

March 12, 2013


Neurowear, who first came on the scene with those mood controlled animal ears and tails, has now developed a mood-sensing pair of headphones that play songs based on how you're feeling. Feeling depressed? Get even more depressed. Feeling angry? ESCALATE THAT SHIT INTO A FIST-FIGHT.

A big white pair of headphones are connected to a sensor that rests on your forehead and a dangling clip for your earlobe (a la the Necomimi).

The cans connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, using your current mood to select a song from the company's app, which currently contains about 100 tracks. According to the company, the songs have been "neuro-tagged," based on its testing, to ensure that they match up to perceived mood.

Neurowear said if the headphones ever make it to market, there's the likelihood they'll seek partnerships with music-distributors so you don't have to listen to the same 100 songs all the time. Still -- if I'm depressed, a lot of time I want to listen to music that alleviates that depression, not prolongs it. I'm all for mood-sensing, I'm just not sure this is a very practical application of that technology. *rereads* Wow, that might be the most intelligent thing I've ever written on Geekologie.

Hit the jump for a video of the guy explaining the things.

Thanks to Camron, who makes playlists.

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