Midnight Snack Surprise: Full-Size Human Shaped Lamps

March 7, 2013


This is a series of mannequin lamps by Al-Hamad Design. They're called 'Embarakiya', except I would have called them 'Life of the Party Lamps' but that's just me and I should have gone straight from high school to a successful career in product naming instead of pissing away my time and money in college. My degrees aren't even framed. The lamps have three levels of brightness and are controlled by shaking the hand plus each has a speaker hidden in its torso so you can really freak your roommates out. You should add a motion sensor too so it says things to your them when they pass it at night on the way to the kitchen or bathroom. Things like 'Don't touch my pudding' and 'Remember to put the seat back down.' Or just a blood-curdling scream if you're into the classics.

Hit the jump for a couple more.



Thanks to monchichi, who agrees anything human-shaped in your house after dark that isn't a roommate, friend or lover is bad news. Lovers are particularly good news.

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