Michael Jackson Dance Recreated In Minimalist LEGO

March 12, 2013


This is a short video of the dance Michael Jackson does at the end of his uncensored 'Black or White' music video recreated in a minimalist LEGO stop motion. For those of you who aren't familiar with the original, I posted that one after the jump too since it's Throwback Thursday and all. "It's only Tuesday." F***ing shit. I remember in the high school talent show the kid who did a Michael Jackson dance compilation and ended with the moonwalk won first place even though I managed to beer-bong a half gallon of milk and a dozen eggs without puking. I demanded a recount but even after the judges agreed I still had zero.

Hit the jump for the videos.

Thanks to shinny, who once moonwalked so hard the earth almost started spinning in the opposite direction. Jesus -- don't ever do that again.

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