Man Born With No Peen Getting One Made From His Arm

March 19, 2013


Seen here with a sadness in his eyes that can only come from being born penisless, 39-year old security guard Andrew Wardle is hoping for a new lease on sex life thanks to an operation that will build him a penis FROM HIS ARM. How convincing it'll look remains to be seen, but I'm curious.

[Andrew] was born with an ectopic bladder, meaning it formed on the outside of his body. He had testicles but not a penis and, while he had a successful operation as a child to move his bladder to where it should be, his lack of manhood remained.

Surgeons will use a large flap of skin with its blood vessels and nerves and fold it into a tube before grafting it into the pubic area.

After healing, Mr Wardle will be fitted with a pump-operated implant to make passing urine - and sex - possible.

'I never thought this day would come and I still can't believe it is possible for me to actually have a fully functioning penis. If it's a success, I can finally start living like a normal man.

'Things like having sex and starting a family, something which so many people take for granted, could actually become a possibility.'

It might not be giant (even though it totally is), but I'm happy I was born with what I've got. Of course, if I did happen to be born sans peen, I'd definitely be with Andrew wanting one made out of my arm. The WHOLE arm. Plus I bet elbow skin would make some killer balls.

Thanks to Thac0, who was born so well endowed he could have probably donated Andrew enough to make a superhero sized pecker.

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